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Veracity - HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 - 4-Port Ethernet over Coax PowerStar Base Unit

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HIGHWIRE Powerstar products are designed to enable thetransmission of standard Ethernet and POE (Power overEthernet) over coaxial cables originally installed for analoguevideo transmission for CCTV.

These devices can be classed as adaptors or media converters. They are typically used where analogue CCTV cameras are beingreplaced with modern digital network cameras, known as “IPcameras”. This permits IP cameras to be installed without havingto replace cable and re-wire buildings.

In most CCTV installations, multiple coaxial cable runs will cometogether at a central point (e.g. equipment room or control room). The Base units are located here. Whilst multiple single-channelHIGHWIRE Powerstar Base units can be used for multiple channels,it is more cost-effective to provide integrated multi-channel units withan internal Ethernet switch, allowing more than one coaxial cable tobe connected into the network system per HIGHWIRE device.

HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 provides four coaxial cableconnections. The Base unit has a single standard RJ45 GigabitEthernet port to allow connection to a main network switch. An SFP socket is also provided to allow a fibre network connectionif required by the application.

All HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 units must be powered through aDC power connector which is designed for a maximum of 6A at57V DC.

Either the 1500mA or 800mA Veracity 57V DC Power Supplies arerecommended. 

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