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NEC- UN552 - 55" LED Video Wall Display - 4K FHD

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NEC's 55" UN552 sets the standard for quality color reproduction in video wall environments. Direct LED backlighting and factory calibration for intensity, gamma and RGB allows for ideal panel uniformity and an easy out-of-the-box experience. This display is integrated with the proprietary SpectraView Engine, which not only allows for ultimate color control but also allows for increased color calibration capabilities including white copy, self calibration to an external sensor and manual CIE chromaticity adjustment for maximum control when color matters most. This display also includes both a DisplayPort and an HDMI Out connections for daisy chaining signals up to 4K UHD. This new generation of display received a full chassis upgrade with faster processing times, evolved daisy chain performance, and new TileMatrixing capabilities all while maintaining the minimal 3.5mm bezel gap.

  • SpectraView Engine exclusive color processing allows for an unparalleled level of color control, uniformity, accuracy and stability.
  • 700cd/m2 panel brightness combined with full HD resolution will capture the attention of the audience.
  • Industrial-strength, premium-grade panel with additional thermal protection, internal temperature sensors with self-diagnostics and fan-based technology, allow for 24/7 operation.
  • HDMI and DisplayPort daisy chain capabilities can support up to 4K UHD resolution.
  • New TileCut function  added to the TileMatrix functionality for ultimate adjustment of the imagery in the wall.
  • Uniformity calibration  of each display for gamma, intensity and RGB for consistency from display to display.
  • NEC Display Wall CalibratorMultiProfiler, and NaViSet Administrator 2 software compatible.

Key Features

  • Built-In Expansion Slot: Allows for seamless integration of current and future NEC accessories and third-party components.
  • Open Pluggable Specification (OPS): The first industry-wide standardization in option slots that allows for easier installation, use and maintenance of digital signage
  • TileMatrix™: Allows users to customize a video wall configuration using advanced On Screen Display controls.
  • 3D LUT Internal 14-bit programmable 3D lookup tables (LUTs) allow the display of 1.07 billion colors out of a palette of 4.3 trillion (with 10-bit DisplayPort input) for accurate color, smooth images and hardware calibration.
  • Landscape/Portrait Capable: Allows for distortion-free display of content in various orientations, creating new application opportunities.
  • LED Backlight: Provides for industry-leading low power consumption and less hazardous materials.
  • Ultra Narrow Bezel: The ultra-narrow bezel allows for a screen-to-screen distance between two neighboring displays of only <1.0mm
  • Human Sensor (Large Format Displays): Upon sending movement, allows for automatic adjustment to certain settings and features in the display which can lead to targeted messaging for dual-purpose display in digital signage or presentation applications.
  • Carbon Footprint Meter: Informs and motivates responsible use of the display by calculating and tracking the conservation of green gas emissions in real time.
  • Round-The-Clock Scheduler: Allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down, increasing panel lifetime, reducing power consumption and saving the time and expense of finding and purchasing a third-party scheduling solution.
  • Advanced Cooling System: Prevents the likeliness of image retention and improves color uniformity.
  • TileComp™: Automatically eliminates geometrical distortions between displays by adjusting for the width of the monitor bezels, working in tandem with TileMatrix on NEC displays (some data on the screen will be lost in the area of the bezels).
  • Auto Tile Matrix: A set up feature that will save a tremendous amount of time and cost at set up. Auto tile matrix does and auto set up of video wall via DP and LAN daisy chain. Just run auto ID on the first display, choose the number of horizontal and vertical displays, press “SET”
  • Programmable Gamma: 3 Look-Up-Table (LUT) banks allows the new P series to save multiple calibration settings. This improves display flexibility as displays do not have to be recalibrated each time requirements changes. Also useful for rental and staging
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module Compatible: The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 NEC Edition is the smartest combination of computing power with professional yet cost-effective Signage displays for use in retail environments, passenger information, quick service menu boards and so many more applications.

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