We are ECKNA

ECKNA is operated by Global Union Multi Services Inc, an American company, located in Miami, Florida. Everything we do is thought in the name of innovation. We have grown this business by creating experiences that people love, focused in improving your environment and making it more comfortable through technology. Every tap or click is a new opportunity to increase your satisfaction into a whole new level.

We are here to guide you with every step of your purchase. We provide our customers the highest quality of products that are guaranteed to meet their expectations and needs to keep them satisfied. We believe that it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends in technology and put our customers' wishes first.

ECKNA is more than just a store. We want to enhance your lifestyle and make it as easy as possible, that is why we have developed this comfortable platform where you will have easy access to all innovative features.

We have partnered with the best in the industry to deliver nothing but the best on each purchase. You may notice our e-retail success has developed very quickly despite our brief history in the business.

It all started when the necessity to innovate the way we shop online knocked upon our door; since times have changed, we should look forward to the future too.

No matter what your question may be, we have the right answer to help you: our specialized team is ready to aid you in finding your ideal product. That is why we are always looking for innovative and simple ways to get the best for you.

You can rely on our motivated team. We work hard every day to deliver perfection and enjoyment with every visit to our website. We strive to always be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face and happiness to your life.

Our main values are integrity, passion and innovation, we show them through our platform and exposure with our clients. We deliver a unique experience on every purchase. We promote incredible uses for AI and the thousands of opportunities that it delivers, we bring the future to your hands in just one click, the future is focused on automation and innovation, it is our purpose to become the frontrunner in online shopping.


In ECKNA we are highly committed to what is best for you. Your needs are our top priority. Our well-prepared staff awaits to make every purchase a special occasion, every detail counts! We rely on Artificial Intelligence to improve your online experience and make it the best it can be we will learn each and every one of your needs and translate that to the perfect product for you. ECKNA strives to innovate in every step of your purchase to provide a stress-free experience.

We are here to offer our custom live customer support, just in case you are not sure what is best for you.

Enjoy free and fast shipping on thousands of products all over the United States. ECKNA takes your online safety as a priority, so you do not have anything to worry about, your personal information, feedback and payment methods are completely safe with us. We promise it.

The mission of ECKNA


Our mission is creating a social impact, innovating in the way users shop online. Change is here to stay, and we bring you solutions, due the current situation the whole world has had to change their lives. We're here to make this process easier, giving you a unique online shop experience like you've never seen before, receiving the best customer service possible and meeting the most qualified staff.

If you are looking for something new, you are at the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, constantly offering our customers exactly what they need at the right price in just one place. What are you waiting for to be thrilled by every purchase?

The vision of ECKNA


Our vision of the future is to transcend time using innovation as a bridge to start a revolution by automating the purchasing process and experience in e-commerce.

We want to plant our foot down on the door of shopping sites and open it to our customers, who then will enjoy a plethora of benefits in dealing with the forerunner of web commerce technology.

With every visit, our customers will nourish their shopping profile and, in so doing, will receive better and more accurate suggestions on whatever products they are interested in. Whether it is accessories for the camera they bought last month or maybe more RAM and a SSD unit for the laptop they bought six months ago, they can rest assured that they will always get accurate and relevant information for their lifestyle.






A future bright and full of possibilities awaits. Day after day we work hard to improve your purchase experience. You are just one click away from a sustainable future. We have perfected our processes to deliver comfort and ease-of-access to all your needs. Our staff is ready to help you in real time, and they will guide you to find the right product. We will take your expectations to the next level, in ECKNA you can decide the way you shop. You will find whatever you need in just one place, with the best customer services and a friendly platform. All along with new partnerships that will allow us to open new sources to meet any expectations you may have. Your opinion and satisfaction are the most important thing to us, and we would love to know your thoughts about ECKNA.


We strive to deliver innovation, we haven’t stopped improving each one of our features over the past few months, and our promise to you is to always keep our high standards on quality products, customer services and user experience. We are here to open the doors you need and to also discover new paths for your total comfort. No matter at which stage of the purchasing process you are, we have all you need to help you along the way.

Our purpose is to create a revolution in relation to user experience through Artificial Intelligence. We have developed and tuned the thousands of variables it provides and attuned them to keep improving for you.

The world is constantly evolving and so is ECKNA, we believe that the future is focused on automation and innovation and ECKNA will not be just another store.

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